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*KY Healthcare does not discriminate against race, gender, or disability. This information is only requested for statistics in collaboration with Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics.

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Background Check

We will run a background check on the first day of class. If you have a felony, abuse charges, or drug charges you may not be allowed to attend clinicals, which is necessary for completion of the courses

Refund Policy

KY Healthcare Training will not refund your class costs if you cancel or do not finish the course. However, if a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, inclement weather, or any other reason deemed appropriate by management, KY Healthcare Training will refund your tuition. KY Healthcare Training reserves the right to make the final decison for all refund requests.


Fluency in reading, writing, and speaking in English is necessary to work with patients and staff in the medical field. Please contact the office at 859-963-2901 if you are trying to determine if our classes are a good fit for you.
I agree:
1. To follow all enrollment guidelines for the course(s) for which I have applied.
2. To follow the class attendance policy and understand that make up hours are not guaranteed, and attendance is expected for all classes. If I miss any hours, I have 90 days to make them up, otherwise I will be dropped from the program and my file will be marked incomplete. (In person classes) I understand that I have four months from my enrollment date to complete the course, including clinicals. A two-month extension will require a $100 payment. (Online classes)
3. I will provide a two-step TB test, blood draw, or chest x-ray.
4. Fully pay for my selected class or classes. If my payment is past due, I may be charged a $25 late fee.
5. I will not be able to sit for my national/state test, or receive my certificate until my class is paid in full.
6. To give KY Healthcare Training LLC permission to obtain a KY criminal background check and verify my eligibility with the KY nurse aid registry.
7. I understand that if I have an outstanding balance with KCTCS I may not be able to take the KY Medicaid Nurse Aide competency test.
8. That I may enroll for a course until the first day of class as long as the class has openings and enrollment guidelines are met.
9. KY Healthcare Training accepts ACH, cash, check, and money order.
10. We do not grant refunds unless we cancel a course. In that case, we will first try to reschedule, but if that is not possible, tuition will be refunded.
11. I will be charged a $50 fee if I reschedule my class for another date.
12. ” Consent to Wireless Telephone calls: If at any time I provide a wireless telephone number at which I may be contacted, I consent to receive calls or text messages, including but not restricted to communication regarding billing and payment for items and services, unless I notify the school to the contrary in writing. In this section, calls and text messages include but are not restricted to pre-recorded messages, artificial voice messages, automatic telephone dialing devices or other computer assisted technology, or by electronic mail, text messaging or by any other form of electronic communication from the school, affiliates, contractors, servicers, attorneys or its agents including collection agencies.”
13. “Consent to email usage: if at any time I provide my email address at which I may be contacted, unless I notify the school to the contrary in writing, I consent to receiving communication regarding billing and payment for items and services at that email address from the school, affiliates, contractors, servicers, attorneys or its agents including collection agencies.”
14. If you are pregnant you will need a statement from your doctor saying you are able to attend clinical & able to lift up to 25 lbs.
15. If my behavior is repeatedly disruptive or disrespectful to teachers or other students, I may be asked not to return to class.

Filing a Complaint with the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education

To file a complaint with Kentucky Commission on Propietary Education, each person filing must submit a completed "Form to file a Complaint" (PE-24) to the Kentucky Commission on Propietary Education by mail to Capital Plaza Tower. Room 302, 500 Mero Street, Frankfort Kentucky 40601. This form can be found on the website at

Student Protection Fund

KRS 165A.450 requires each school licensed by the Kentucky Commission on Propietary to contribute to a student protection fund which will be used to pay off debt incurered due to the closing of a school, discontinuance of a program, loss of license, or loss of accreditation by a school or program. To file a claim against the Student Protection Fund, each person filing must submit a completed "For for Claims Against the Student Protection Fund." This form can be found on the website at

Payment Information

Please read the following carefully.
You will find a list of classes to select from upon submitting this page. There are two payment options, full payment, or monthly payments. If you choose the monthly payments, there is an additional administrative fee factored into the cost. If a facility is paying for your class, Please list the name of the facility below.

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